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Valhalla Business Consulting is a culmination of 25 years of navigating the world of sales strategy across the oceans, marine and seafood industries. From experience with startups and dynamic brokerages to thriving small businesses and corporate giants I have succeeded in helping companies grow their business from a sales perspective.

Embarking on a partnership with Valhalla guarantees a strong collaboration marked by unwavering transparency and consistency. Our paramount commitment lies in delivering sales results that align with meticulously crafted strategies.

Explore the experiences shared by clients below to glimpse the impact Valhalla  Business Consulting has had on their journey.

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“During his employment at Resqunit, Erik demonstrated unwavering commitment and professionalism, contributing significantly to our team. Erik's dedication and expertise were invaluable assets to our organization. With years of dedicated experience and a deep understanding of the global fishing, seafood and oceans industries, Erik brings a wealth of knowledge and a vast network. Assets that we hope to continue to benefit from.“

Helge Tretto Olsen, CEO Resqunit A/S

“Erik has been a pleasure to do business with. We are engaged to penetrate the seafood sector in the US and Canada.  Erik's established relationships with marine distributors, fishing associations and fishermen have been key in accessing and generating sales for our company. His advice on marketing effort and timing has been critical to our success in these new markets.  Erik’s sales and marketing style is such that customers like to work with him and he is able to convert interest into sales.
We look forward to continuing our relationship with Valhalla and expanding our market access over the forthcoming years."

Rob Enever Head of Science & Uptake, Fishtek Marine

"Erik was exactly what our company needed. He brought the confidence and skill required to develop a sales strategy for Compass Aquaculture Solutions followed by a tenacious and successful business development effort which has brought our sales pipeline to a whole new level!
We look forward to working with Erik as we continue to grow our business”

Jeremy Noonan

Co-Founder Compass Aquaculture Solutions

"Erik Nobbe is a big-picture thinker - one who, when presented with a challenge excels at doing the 'leg work' to pair scientific researchers and product developers with industry leaders within the fisheries sector. Erik is detail-oriented, personable and a knowledgeable business development strategist who has provided considerable consultation and follow-up throughout the entirety of Coldwater Lobster Association's pilot project. We recommend Valhalla's business strategy and development services and look forward to working with him again in the near future to evaluate other prototypes for our industry."

Heather Mullock, Executive Director, Coldwater Lobster Association

"The St. Francis Xavier University Industry Liaison and Technology Transfer Office has worked with Erik on a number of research innovations for the seafood industry.  To move these innovations from the university to commercial use by the seafood industry, we retained Erik as a sales & marketing expert.  His analytical, strategic and personable approach to assisting StFX engage with the seafood industry has proven extremely valuable. We will seek further opportunities to work with Valhalla and we entirely endorse and recommend his sales & marketing abilities and seafood industry expertise, as well his personable and engaging style.  Erik is a pleasure to work with."

Andrew Kendall, Industry Liaison Officer, St. Francis Xavier University

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Erik is a the heart and soul of Valhalla Business Consulting.  His experience in executive strategy and execution across the seafood, oceans tech and marine sectors is robust.  His passion is in working with products and services that touch on sustainability and responsibility in this delicate ecosystem that we live in.  In his spare time his passions involve the love for sport and outdoors from Surfing, Tennis, Hockey and Mountain Biking to giving back whether it be coaching or participating in charity events for Cancer and Mental Health.  His core values focus on integrity, hard work, family and friendships.

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